Mark your Calendars now because it is coming to the St. Charles area. April 28-30.

If you could take a weekend and come back a better husband, father, friend, and man would you do it?  Would you do a leadership training event that actually challenged you physically and mentally beyond your normal limits?  Would you believe that you could forge lifelong bonds with other men in the course of only 18 hours?  How would you feel to see a group of nearly 200 men exercising together in the early morning?  Are you willing to be inspired by your peers and maybe even yourself?

This is what a Grow Ruck training event is all about.  Registration is open now the price goes up soon so get registered.

The GrowRuck logo is symbolic of these two goals:

  1. That GrowRuck will fertilize the roots in each individual region by helping the leaders and future leaders grow as individuals. That downward growth of roots is what helps create a stable foundation for the explosive growth that follows soon after.
  2. GrowRuck will spread up and out, allowing regions to connect with each other and in doing so create an environment that allows for future regions to be planted especially where other regions are in close proximity. In a forest, having an entire bed of interconnected roots makes the entire forest stronger and more connected. The logo embodies this hope that GrowRuck can create a solid foundation and solid connections among neighboring regions that will allow the amazing growth to continue to build F3 across the nation.  #ROOTS

The Growruck event is a series of training and fellowship opportunities spread out over a weekend.

  1. The Kick-Off Banquet.  Friday night’s event is a banquet designed to begin the fellowship.  You’ll hear from the leadership team that is hosting the event as well as leaders from F3 Nation.  You’ll share your stories with other men as you enjoy dinner together.
  2. The King Builder. Saturday morning plays host to one of the largest F3 Beatdowns you will ever attend.  If you’ve ever attended a Q school beatdown this is like that only taken to Slaughter level (if you know, you know).  You will begin the leadership training here as you are lead by one of F3 Nation’s finest.
  3. Grow School.  What leadership training event would be complete without the leadership training portion.  Here the leader will share personal stories of success and failure.  If you ever wanted to know what it looks like to condense a year of Q Source into a single afternoon, well this is it.
  4. GrowRuck.  This is what you signed up for.  Saturday evening till the cadres say you are done and present you with your patch.  This is where you will be tested, broken, and forged into a better version of you.  This is an event that you cannot do on your own but that you cannot afford not to do.  I know that’s poor grammar but this isn’t grammar school and we are men and we are going to do the difficult thing together.